Ephraim Zagelbaum stands as a prominent figure in the healthcare industry, renowned for his visionary leadership and commitment to enhancing resident care across New York and Massachusetts. As the Founder and CEO of Personal Healthcare, Zagelbaum has steered the company’s growth from its inception, setting a standard for excellence in nursing home management and care.

Early Career and Visionary Leadership

Zagelbaum’s journey into healthcare began in 2003 when he embarked on his first role as the Administrator of Windsor Park Nursing Home in Queens Village, New York. His early experiences laid the foundation for his deep understanding of healthcare management and the needs of elderly residents.

In 2008, Zagelbaum made a significant leap by purchasing his first nursing home, marking the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey in healthcare. Since then, he has been instrumental in shaping the strategic direction of Personal Healthcare. Under his guidance, the company has consistently improved resident care outcomes and facility performance, earning a reputation for reliability and quality.

Expanding Horizons

Personal Healthcare, under Zagelbaum’s leadership, now owns and manages over 10 nursing homes across New York and Massachusetts, encompassing more than 1,300 beds. This expansive network reflects Zagelbaum’s dedication to expanding access to high-quality healthcare services for elderly residents in diverse communities.

Leadership and Problem-Solving Skills

Described as a quintessential leader, Zagelbaum is admired for his exceptional problem-solving abilities and strategic foresight. His approach to leadership emphasizes compassion, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement within Personal Healthcare, Zagelbaum ensures that each facility under his stewardship delivers personalized care that meets the highest standards.

Educational Background and Personal Life

Zagelbaum holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Accounting from Touro College, underscoring his strong foundation in both financial acumen and business management. He furthered his academic credentials with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Seton Hall University.

Beyond his professional achievements, Zagelbaum resides in Rockland County with his wife and four children, embodying a commitment to family values alongside his dedication to healthcare leadership.


Ephraim Zagelbaum‘s journey from healthcare administrator to visionary CEO of Personal Healthcare exemplifies the transformative impact of leadership driven by compassion and strategic vision. His steadfast commitment to enhancing resident care and facility performance continues to set benchmarks in the nursing home industry, earning him widespread respect and admiration.

Through his leadership, Zagelbaum not only shapes the present success of Personal Healthcare but also paves the way for a future where compassionate, high-quality healthcare remains accessible to all who need it.